Forgive me J.C. I might screw this up for us..

Thoughts of a 20 something adult male regarding the fickle nature of dating, sex, and relationships in the early 21st century.

Is she the one?


Can’t be

She’s too perfect.

Am I insane?


After all

I’m being selfish.

A superficial love?

Seems like

I mean,

God I think she’s gorgeous.

Is that enough?

Yes and no,

Depends on what the plan is.

A casual fling?

Not likely

Would be fun,

But I think she’s cautious.

Her hand in marriage?



She hasn’t found herself yet.

Would that be so bad?


In fact,

I think that’s where my heart is.

Then why do I feel conflicted?


It means

setting aside that which I lusted.

So am I content to dream?

 course not.


Can’t seem to shake this question.

What would I be giving up, what would I be gaining?


A friend,

A lover, a catalyst for growth.

But which is what and what should stay?

The answer,


Cloudier than most.

The End

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