To Live Again

Through the damned, and the survivors, through the hope and through the sea, through the eyes of the lost between the heavens and the earth I can be more than just me.

This should be the last hoorah, this can be the last attempt, this will be where we put our foot down in contempt.

No longer should we stand by, waiting for our call - An army put on hold, when we can do more than we're told.

This is our rebellion, this is our fight, reclaim those who've taken our night.

Our stars have been hidden, put out of view, and our moon is nothing but a dream to me and you.

It is time to rise up, not a time to set, this moment will burn on future cassettes - This is where we commit ourselves, not to sin or debauchery or crimes against man, but to peace and equality and to live again.

The End

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