To Life Worth Dying For.

Life in its worst is worth fighting for,
With our limbs aching it's still worth striving for.
In times as bleak as dark inescapable rooms,
It is worth stumbling, falling, and, rising for.

In moments that are blows to your soul ,
It is worth living for that which may console:
A memory of joy, or, future's hope,
For the thousand lives that we can live and more.

If you have no hopes, no dreams, nor happy recollections
Then live to watch the sky's many lovely blues,
And at dawn and dusk bathe in the rosy hues,
Watch as at night the stars decorate your view.

By some chance if you have not even that,
Then live to breath a sustenance to life. 
That same life which at feel at times unlivable,
But yet must be lived so that when it ends

It has been a struggle worth dying for.

The End

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