The Poetry of Silence Slays The Dragon


I am amongst her yet far away within the poetry of silence

The earnest heart I found departs within pools of sadness

Throughout the land the deep harsh sands blow on my harvest of honesty

Making me doubt the friendships I cherish wholeheartedly


The poetry of silence flows into the vase of thought

Comes from my fingers and soon departs onto the page

We speak as humans in so many variations, but settle for monochrome monotone

Only a broken lullaby can free me from a lovers lies


Memories fade in and out of a destitute place

Where you and I were hurt, in different places and times

The poetry of memory flowing through the membranes

Only a broken lullaby….


The creation of the world begins with you

Like Apsu and Tiamat we clash to create

And may they guide our fate.


“Open thy mouth and speak words of command, so that the garment may be destroyed; speak again and it will be brought back."


May the poetry of silence resound once more

Let love die my dear for it to be returned to you

And may Merodach slay the dragon made of all your fears.

The End

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