She is Isis

To the ones longing for love, this is for you.

Summer’s in bloom

Violence consumes the paradise she held so tightly to her womb

Hiding under bedsheets, darkness past noon

Six hours to live life abundantly ends soon

Bombs overhead, blasting apart like the passion she lost in the moonlight

And I’m here thousands of miles away

Wondering if my words hold sway


She is Isis canvassing the waters

A lost lonely soul, mother’s neglected daughter

Though without her the family would falter

She glides in strides across the wind and sea

Lighting the stars and rising the seas

Heartbroken but often hoping

I am coping with the fantasy of her loving me


For if she is Isis then I wish to be Osiris

Riding to the moonlight and its scenic gaze

Watching the currents of the ocean pull silently away

Only to crash down on the shore of an island

Through passion, determination and a lover’s aim

I shall meet her and be one with the waves

Someday, someway.

The End

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