To Infinity and Back Again

A free verse poem about how the love between two people will last forever.

Great minds over this long existence agree that nothing lasts forever

Everything must die; all must decay and fade away

Be it living, be it not, all things must come to an end

However there is but one exception to this maxim of the universe, love

Love in its truest form is eternal, immortal, and unceasing

No star can shine as bright, no celestial body can capture such beauty that true love posses

The writhing magma of Venus fails to compare to the burning passion of love

Neptune's mighty winds cannot bring about breathlessness as two loves do to each other

These bodies of space are ancient, but love is even older

And when these bodies die, love will remain despite their physical vessels meeting the same fate as the celestial bodies

The essences of amor wander the universe, reaching across vast expanses of the frontier barely explored by man

Together they will see the days where stars die, new ones are born, and the inescapable fate of the end of time

The two souls gaze into their eyes, their love being stronger than all men and deities combined

And then it is black

Darker than the deepest recesses of the deepest cave

And then there is light

A new Big Bang

The stars are born, galaxies form, planets are born

a spark from two soul mates and an existence is reborn

And those two souls smile

They smile because they know that the cycle is infinite

That their love is never ending

They know that their love lasts even when their bodies do not

And that they will be together

To Infinity and Back Again

The End

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