To Her Cheeky Master

This a sonnet response to Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress".
Don't take it too seriously, for me it was more for comedy's sake than anything else (oh and for homework).

I would keep you waiting. Until the end

Of time, space and the world we call a home.

For I do not love you, like you to me,

Your love is unrequited, dog and bone.


A marble tomb would give me freedom, and

Security, freedom from harassment,

And security from your horrid lust,

Unless, your mind is twisted, foul and bent.


You give me a choice, yet you already

Know the answer I had given here.

Why must you trouble a woman, when she

Cannot in this world make herself more clear?


Don’t toil, as my heart is somewhere yonder,

Why cannot you leave me be? I wonder.

The End

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