To Her- Age is a Drug

Inner Conflicts.

With every whisper

every whimper

she sees her life crashing

"Take another hit"

he tells her, as she

pufs the sweet fumes.

He holds her close,

as he laughs.

He hands her a drink

to settle the new substance.

She looks at him,

alot older then her, yet she

strives for a moment to be in

his mind.

She's so tired, so stumbles

as she gets up, so he

picks her up, sets her

in the car, and takes her


She can't catch herself,

so he walks her to the door,

to find her love, shaking his head.

He take over, giving this guy a look

and picks her up.

He lays her down on the couch

and kneals down beside her.

"Baby, what are you doing?"

He reaches down to her and

feels her pulse.

Her little body is going so fast,

and shaking a bit.

He kisses her, trying to stop

the tremors. He doesn't understand

why she continues to strive

for this. She tries so hard to

stop the urges, but with her love

away, and not hers, she just can't

help herself. Infatuation hits her,

and she has no clue how to over

come it.

He holds her close,

"One day, you will have me,

until then, please be careful, my love."

The End

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