To hell with you...


Listen as I give you a piece of my mind,

And guarantee you that friendship in me you will never again find.

I opened myself to you, the fool that I am.

I should have closed my heart when I saw you charging like a ram.


I should have known it was a trick.

You took what you needed from me and then sunk me like a brick.

Is this how things go in your world?

My emotions mix and swirl as the rest is left on the ground, curled.


Am I not worth a simple good bye?

Nothing, is that all I am to your eye?

Was I only a short-lived high?

A boring toy to leave high and dry?


But rest assured, I will rise again.

Without your poisoned words, my mind will once more become Zen.

I am not one to be burnt twice.

I must remember this lesson. Time and again, I have paid this price.


I was a brainless and naïve fool.

You always win. My mind was too weak and your game far too cruel.

I will flatten everything we had.

You have showed me your true gruesome colours. For that I am glad.


I now know who you are.

Who you truly really are.

Know that I am better without you,

And that I no longer need you.

The End

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