To Forget, To Regret - The Words I Swallow or Never SaidMature

Enjoy. :)

sew my eyes shut tight,
duct tape my mouth,
throw me in the attic and never hear of me again...

I've done soo much wrong in this life,
so many things I regret, physically and emotionally,
I wish I never did half the things I did,
but the times can't change, we must move on...
for all the wrong i've ever done was in my eyes, for the good...

from wrong, we build our life's structure,
the red pens, the pink slips, the warnings,
getting kicked onto the streets,
begging the people for scraps,
parying to god for mercy and change...

but times, in my opinion at least... have changed,
the walls are closing in on us,
we see more of ourselves and the world around us,
the people we didn't notice are now bright lights towards "the future",

all the things we never did,
all our dreams, goals and  desires we never reached,
all bright as an early summers morning,

I no longer see the darkness we all once hid in,
i don't feel the things i once did,
i was once drowning in the ocean of forgotten memories,
suffocating in the sands of the past,
now people actually see me for what I am...

I regret many things in my life,
things i never did, things i want to do but never got around to,
I may still have time to do them, if given the chance...
but the edge of my life is coming,
soon I will fall, carrying everything i ever did and ever was, with me...

Life may get better,
but I know longer know that for sure,
I know it will be different than it is now but i hope it is brighter,
for the sakes of everyone i know and love...

the words i never got to say, still linger,
still holding on, waiting... waiting for the time they are to be said,
I may if i ever find the courage may say them to the people in mind,
i may even find enough strength to actually confess, like so many have,
holding on to every word they say, smiling because they made the right decision,
love is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

the floorboards begin to rot though,
the rocks beneath breaking from the heat,
my cage of solitude is beginning to break down,
drifting far away  from land, sailing towards the horizon,
there i shall make my mark,
there i shall go down in history,
i will live greatly or die fast - no other option

my flag is raised,
my goals are set,
my past is left behind,
i am ready...                                               

The End

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