"Trust Me"

Sometimes, I've found, guilt can be the worst type of wound possible; it takes someone who is willing to move on from the past to heal that wound.
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My family says not to be hard on myself.

"But what if I deserve it?" I say.

When I've let myself down, I simply just frown

Shrug, and move on, onto the next day.


Except sometimes it is not that simple;

It is not always myself that I've failed.

For to let down a friend is a wound hard to mend

And to guilt, like Him to His cross I am nailed.


For what reason can we not simply talk

With the words we wish we could speak?

It comes to no end save to stay as a friend,

A friend of the person who knows you are weak.


And so, with this game, trust is broken

For such a thing can shatter so fast

And after it all, all you've done is stall

The end of a friendship that was not meant to last.


In the end I've let down those I care about.

What was it? "Trust me," I said...


Oh, my big head... now my hopes are all dead...


But no. Not me. I'm still living today!

I will not waste away God's glorious day!

So I failed, let them down, so what if I'm sad...

I could wish for no better life than I've had.

The End

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