To FeelMature

A poem about my thoughts of what society has led us to believe...

I cut

My finger today

I was doing

the dishes

and something just


It was an accident

or it wasn't

I wish there was

a machine

that I could

 feed my complaints

whatch them disapear

one by one

a weight lifted off of my chest

one by one

because for some reason

people    don't like it

when you complain

"Suck it up"

Is an all too familiar



It's because

It's annoying   or

because we are taught

taught to hide our feelings

taught to be ashamed of them

well to me,  it seems

being taught something

is to be fucked out of

the opportunity

to form your own


Our bodies, are made

emphasis on made

Made to feel

how are we to live

without feeling? feeling everthing

everything happening

around us?

A babies laugh

that baby growng up

that baby being molested

by her own father

who first made her

made her laugh

how is a baby going to make it through

without feeling...

feeling what is happening around her?

Our bodies are





The End

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