Can you hear the liar or, its the dark sunrise you fear..?Mature

This is a fatal testament of a girl, by a girl, for a girl: " If you fear your fall from the heights of hope's star, you'll only end up staying closer to the mutely cracking ground of fear's figments looming large, dense, intense and real than ever before, beneath your feet...!!!. "

The day I knew a man's heart,

the destiny of my life was clear to me,

it was a tragic awakening in horror of the future's misfortune- I SAW RAPE WAS RANDOM...!

And it was not my soul, mind, flesh, blood, skin, or form that lured a man to drown me in his evil, but the very reality too long and fathomless than, the transience of life and the silence of time, in its all-revealing mystery that I was born a girl was too humiliating a truth I had to be nakedly burned for, in the flames of shame, loss, and endless pain piercing into my dreams like shadows of blood-hungry arrows, of male hormon's greedy, inhumane lust for female sensuality; to steal her luscious fragrance of life and pollute her purity with his single kiss of vengeance, earned or gifted, for a sin that was never in her name...! 

The End

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