to everyone who isn't/can't celebrate mother's day

to all of you
who don't have mothers
or who have mothers that don't deserve to be celebrated

i can't be your mother, 
but i'm proud of you. 
you're doing well, 
and remember that relapsing is okay 

just because you might have lost a battle 
doesn't mean you've lost the war 
so pick up your swords and get back on your horse

because, mon pote, i'm here to fight with you 

you've made it this far, 
and you are amazing for doing so. 
i am so awfully proud of you, 
because look at you! 
alive and trying and even if you're not trying, 
i have absolute faith in you. 

you'll make it, 
and if you fall down on the way, 
i'm here for you. 

i won't let you go, 
i promise you. 

i'm sorry if your mothers aren't good mothers, 
if they've failed you, 
and i'm sorry i can't fix that. 

but you survived and you got through so far, 
and you deserve so much more than you got 

here are virtual hugs if you'd like them, 
and i wish you a lovely day. 

keep going, 
because i know it's hard and seemingly impossible, 
but i believe in you, 
and i hope you find someone who sees your worth 
and i hope that you keep that person if you've already found them

because you deserve as much love as you want, 
and don't be afraid to ask for help. 

happy mother's day - 
if you can't celebrate it due to lack of a proper mother 
and yours has been harmful or nonexistent
(in terms of either death or presence) 
then i'll celebrate with you a day to recognize your efforts 
and just how great you are as a person. 

good luck, and stay safe! 
may your day give you the things you need 
and may you be the best you can be :)

The End

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