It's Right

Sitting from across the table I'm captivated by his brown-hazel eyes

grounding me like the sun shining on the rich soil of the earth

He cares

He listens

He supports

His voice takes me into valleys down low and between the white peaks up above

Taking me along soaring with

His strength

His tenderness

His freedom

He takes my hands into his kissing them softly 

as he comforts my soul my heart, in truth, love and purity

He's a great friend

He's an amazing lover

He's a true treasure

His words covers every inch of me inside and out

"Let's see where this goes, it feels right, you make me happy, I'd be stupid to give this up..."

He's raw

He's intense

He's like the essence to my nature


And there I sat, laughing at my worthless fear, scared that he would run away 

if I open up and pour myself out

but his heart shown with such boldness, courage and confidence

awakened a renewed passion, my admiration for

His leadership

His humbleness

His soul


For a moment my mind drifts away and all that is present is this new heartbeat

dancing inside of me, our fingers linked, my face in his neck,


this is where I want to stay

The End

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