To be..... Again

I am discovering what it feels like to experience love without limitation and expectation again, opening myself up and feeling the joy and being one with the gratitude of being so blessed. Life is never without hardship and it never seizes to catch us off guard and amaze us...... take everything as it comes.... accept, acknowledge, adjust, and arise !
If you are experiencing anything like this or that makes you feel gratitude and joy, love and peace..... please add a page.

How has time passed me by

blind and out of touch?


My soul has once again awakened

to the love that life can bring


the last glance........ as I disappear.....

the last kisss .... before I have to walk away

the last grateful squeeze......

when I need to leave.

It's like the blood and air

I exist upon

The morphemes completing

You and Me


at last


now I understand what it takes

to combine all the flavours

to become the best tasting wine

to be....opened and appreciated

........... tasted and enjoyed

........... shared and savoured

to be kept......

and given away ....... at just the right time


My essence has found its smile

extending my journey by another mile

My book has laughingly turned a new page


I'm ready to be filled again

The End

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