To Be A Man

To Be A Man

To be a man what does it entail?
Weeping in private and leaving no trail.
Been impassive to all the hurt inside
Locking up your fear in a safe of phony pride.

To be a man is there a book of rules
Only pour your heart out on shaky barroom stools.
Nowone shall even remember in the bitter morning
Male pride unscathed when sobriety comes calling.

To be a man is there some hidden agenda
To receive some sound advice then return it to sender.
Doing it your way or not doing it at all
Hoping nowone sees you when you take a mighty fall.

To be a man is there a secret formula
Throwing drunken punches and calling it euphoria.
Claiming it's a release claiming it's a statement
Never your own worst enemy it’s always him on the pavement.

To be a man what is the expert tip
Ride every given storm keep a stiff upper lip
Have a volatile temperament swinging from east to west
Irascible one day then impervious the next.

To be a man what is the textbook way
Hide your book of poems and keep porn on display
Forcing down warm beer when all you want is tea
Blind eye on the expensive tunnel vision on the free.

To be a man what is the basic method
Sense your tears early and keep them all embedded.
Your pacifism doubted your pugnacity proven
Does been a man sometimes mean forgetting that your human

The End

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