to be a girl

dear world: just because I have a chest doesn't mean that it is all that I am. I can write semi-decent poetry sometimes, for example, and you? You CAN'T.

they shove makeup at me,

ruby red lipstick

and black heels

an evening dress or a ballgown,

so that I totter out

in shoes that make my feet hurt

with painted lips

and a piece of fabric obstructing my ability to move.

is this what it means to be female?

to be pretty and alluring?

becuase I don't want to wear pantyhose

or spread concealer over my blemishes.

men don't.

they don't try to make themselves

more physically attractive,

not in the way that girls are expected to.

my father taught me

that girls are strong, partly becuase we are smart

and we are survivors

and we do not need to be perfect.

he taught me to be proud

of being a girl.

and then he was gone.

and everything I learned became obsolete.

they don't explain to you in school

that pretty girls make more money 

and so do taller ones

and that men are more likely to be chosen over girls.

i don't want to be the princess,

I want to be the prince who saves someone that needs help.

i don't want to twist my ankles wearing heels,

I don't want to shiver through pencil skirts,

I want to wear a suit.

and they don't tell you

that 2 of every 3 illiterate people are girls.

or that men's shoes are made better than women's

because it seems as though masculinity being favoured is 'normal'.

but the war for gender equality

is not over.

we have a long way to go.

and I will fight for my rights as a girl.

The End

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