To All Who Press Onward

To everyone who is on a quest for themselves, and everyone who wishes to go on an adventure for happiness.

Peril down this waterfall of mystery.

Signs that warn rather pique,

and standing at the peak of rapids

do you find the rainbow.

The fall is far, but fear

is all that can stop us now.


To all who press onward:

Lack fear, and attain freedom.

Find the rainbow whose colors illuminate and elucidate.

Elucidate the freezing waters whose

beauty mocks its peril, and whose peril mocks its beauty.

Do not fret because you are blind.

The fog had been quite the travel, I see.

Be rid of all your remembrance old,

for it doesn’t bode well at the bottom of the rapids.

Expose your freedom and explicit it,

for you are an adventurer, and knowledge

is a battle wanted and unwanted.


Truth is, will you survive?

If the waterfall overcomes you,

will the tale be told for generations?

Or will it too be overcome, a prize

to be sought by other adventurers who

abandoned “truth” to conquer truth.

It was enigmatic victory that taught this much

and searching was a petty portion prior.

Forget, and seek the colors of wisdom

and lack trifles of the once-before.

To all who press onward:

Lack fear, and attain freedom.


The End

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