To a Bride Without a Name

Oh Flora, Choral Beauty
The Sun Rises With You
Out of An Abyss of Chaos, Yet No Piece of Beauty Is Lost
I Can't Grant You Nobility, But Our Love's Vitality
Will Last Till The Gates
of Hades's Halls
They Will Push, They Will Pull, And Their Power Will Grow
Just To Have A Piece
of Our Love's Immortality
For It They Cannot Wait
Subdued By Desperation's Phantom
But I Will Always Be One of Them
So, My Dear, Please Understand
I'm Just A Chevalier Drenched With My Sins
The Hope Will Fade
The Rose Will Turn Black
The Promise Was Just I Lie, Though I Forbade
I Will Just Be Another Empty Heart, Slain
By Your Loosening Grip On My Sanity
I Will Die, You Will Be Free
Believe - It's The Way Things Must Be
My Dear, Just Understand

The End

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