Stubbornly Stupid - Rumours

"I don't believe in God."

She's dangerous. She's a Satanist.

"I really like the colour black."

Goth. Emo. Goth. She loves death.

They seem so stubbornly stupid,

Their minds are closed as tightly as locked rooms,

I am a Loner,

So obviously I must be planning new ways to kill them all.

That notebook must be various drafts of suicide-notes.

There's a cut on my hand,

Obviously I did it to myself, it was no horse-riding incident.

"I wasn't allowed out at the weekend, I felt like strangling mom!"

Of course, that was no joke if I said it,

Maybe next weekend she won't be so lucky..............


A million pairs of eyes follow me into every classroom,

I sit on my own, so sure, I'm clearly depressed.


Get over it! Just because I'm not another teen-girl clone,

Doesn't mean I'm not happy on my own.

The End

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