im tired of you

im tired of me

would life stand still if i asked it to be ?

lingering on like an old piece of cloth

where are all the wonderful things that were self taught?

i sit up here watching the world

the world wait . what world?

my world or someones world that they are building for me?

i mean come on where do we live?

why do all the good things pass me bye?

dont i deserve to have love, health ,and strive

what is this just chosen for the few?

i dont believe and it wil not be true

so believe me this

i am present and stand grounded

solide and patient

divine intervention is the key

so all that can see me please find peace with me

not so shure about this system

i wish that i could be so connected to my own vibes

who am i ?

when i live will i die?

one step at a time

one place will be mine

lets just pray that it will be divine

so this is me

and i wish for happiness

blowing a kiss in the air for love

The End

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