Auditory Hell.

This Culture... it hates silence, it hates it.

We have Ipods, Ipads, computers, devices, phones, all made for the purpose of making noise

Yet the human creature is never satisfied.

In a sense, we Tinnitus sufferers, we have what everyone else wants.

We don't need phones, gadgets or devices to protect ourselves from silence.

No, our own ears do it for us.

Our own minds will do the job just finely thank you very much.

Our Ears, or maybe one, Will produce a noise.

What will the noise be?

A ringing? 


A humming?

If you're lucky.

Hell on Earth?


Tinnitus is an auditory Hell, but its our Auditory Hell. 

It is our curse.

It is our inheritance.

It plays itself for us, and rarely does it play for anyone else.

Our anxiety will not lessen it.

Our Depression will not make it go away.

We no longer hear the sweet song of silence.

Silence has abandoned us.

She will not sing her song to us anymore. 

But if you wish to trade. 

If you wish to make sure that Silence never sings to you again...

Then please tell me...

I'd be glad to trade places. 

The End

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