I couldn't sleep and rattled this out in about forty minutes or so. I think this was inspired by that Steven Hawking article about time travel.
So the thought came to me that if we can't go to the past, what if other more ethereal things can?

Stark and solid, sit checkered cubes
In which nest Timeworms, curiously
Looping through patterns and webs of life
Feeling for Universal Memory.
In a room outside of time and all its strife
They find us in the infinite geometries.

Searching, feeling…
The Timeworms know because they visit the past
They see the things that wither,
Torn in the wasteland of cataclysm
And in what flies by fast in the arms of rebirth.

Ripping, peeling….
The Timeworms grow because they find the doors
Caught in eternal downpour
But untouched by the rain, soothed
As we are when we perch on the pane
Watching Nature’s teardrops fall.

As thin as shadows, they observe us from the ether
With humorless smiles carved on pallid canvas skin
And watch Deities gleefully roll the dice.
“I bet they’ll sink”
“No, I bet they’ll win.”

Shaking, quaking....
Playing the cards
And throwing pointy glass shards
At endless walls full of faces,
Both bodiless and clutching puppet strings
The Masters of the cosmos stroke their wings
Unaware of cataracts that swim
In the eyes of the Storm
As it brings us closer to the truth
And to ignorance.

Mind-cracking confusion, and a strange mirth
Fills us as we scan black water for life
Let’s see this thing for all its worth.
For balance is held under the knife.

Testing, opening....
Slithering through infinity
With eyes as hard as jewels
Constricting their bodies
Around the chapters of existence
The Timeworms watch eagerly as we laugh out loud
And as we lash out at what produces
The brightest spark among shrouded forms.

They can never harm us
Or create a paradox of untruth
But they know what tugs our heartstrings
And where evil walks on lifeless dreamscapes.
We probe with stubby monkey fingers
An unknown paradise off the coast of Delirium
Caught in curiosity, a hurricane
Of scientific vice.

Looking for the meaning in chaotic currents
Barring against our darkness
And our world’s catastrophe
We exclaim with the utmost vigor,
“Truth! We have found the ones who will tell!”

So do you dare to ask them
What lies beyond our time?
You might not want to listen
To these voices slurred by slime
For if the secrets fill your ears
Of things you shouldn’t know
The words might drive you mad
In the Timeworm’s baleful glow.

Oh yes there are so many things
We were never meant to know.

The End

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