Time Wasted

there is only now... no later

How does things get

ugly so quickly

how do we lose what

we love without warning

Get blindsided and thrown off track


How do we sometimes not see

things coming

unaware of the present disasters

embedded, in your face.... no disgrace


Point me in the right direction

show me which path to take

take away all the stones

and carry my tedious bones


My way to go 

packed with stormy clouds

my energy wired and  loud

focus a skill yet to achieve

only if there is a will to believe


Don't tell me all that could go wrong

never play me your tedious sand song

let me go and set me free 

for this is the only way I can be

My god have promised me this

that He will heal me and hold me

with His strong and loving fist


Don't put me in a cage 

to sing your songs

all my rights are all your wrongs

all your truths my lies

let's put a stop 

to the never ending cries


Life's so short

so much time wasted on worries about tomorrow

let's smile and laugh

no more breath for sorrow


Love with all your have

show me your heart

and give me a piece

of your mind

life is a blessing yet to find


The End

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