Time Travelers

Writing a new chapter in the story
But reading back again
I held her hand in both cases
But this time it's different
She is dead now
And I am asleep
I can't wait for her
While everyone falls apart
The plan failed 
But outcome was the same
She's different now
But the same in any case
It was the poison that killed her
Not my actions and our words
Forgiveness is distributed
To the innocent
We're in the face of a murderer now
Heads roll and blood dribbles down the walls
We have become the horror story
Adoration seeps through my veins
They've died once already
We must leave tonight
Drowned rises and embraces life
I am the drowned
And I miss the dead 
She'll never run right
She was petrified and sad
She was bound and couldn't repeat
She changed
Became one with me
My tragedy
I was never the same
The scars litter my throat
We are all destined to die
Deathly words
Burnt into the ground
Fresh blood and songs spiral
I hold the new her
We move forward
Terrified and unprepared
The thought murderer bonded so close with my heart
Understanding was an unexpected guest
He helped me slip under the water
Blood pouring from my lips
I loved him for that
Bringing my death
For a heartbreak of the second love
For now I'll sleep
At this moment in time
Somewhere far from home
Memories cascading constantly
For when death starts running
Life walks away 

The End

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