It never ends

Another Found poem: In My Prison, from the "Fall of the House of Usher" by Poe

A shield of silver

Distinct, hollow, metallic

At the moment, eyes bent fixedly upon the floor

Unnerved, undisturbed

My whole countenance, stone rigidity

A strong shudder, a sickly smile

I spoke gibbbering,

"I hear it. I hear it living in the tomb, hollow in the coffin.

There for hideous long minuets, hours, days."

I cry in the prison,

The iron door unconcious of my struggles, of my presence

Here I sprang furiously to my feet

Shall I fly?

Heavy and horrible the door

I rushed the archway

the breaking, the rending of the vault

Now aware of my soul

It stands thoughout, before, and over me

Upon the wretch, the dragon

Bending closely over his whole person

The End

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