ain't done yet

just a random poem I came up with


The night was dark,
The air was clear.
Sitting all alone I wondered,
What happened here?

Thoughts of joy,
Of time well spent.
I reminesce of our happy days.
I start to wonder where they went

The Ferris wheel where I held you close,
The time you said you loved me most.
All that time spent waliking in the park.
When first I held your hand in the movie dark.

Once when you lost your dog,
I held you tight till my shoulder was water logged.
And I know that I mustn't forget
when we slipped fell into the pool and both got wet.

But where have all those days gone?
Just me, now, sitting at our duckie pond
I can't say that I don't care.
My God, how I wish that you were here.

All my thoughts coalecse to you.
Day in, and day out there's nothing to do.
I sit like a lump, not wanting to breath.
My pain is so bad it makes me clench my teeth.

And though it kills me to see you on the street
I can't help but hope he makes you happy.
Cuz no matter how hard I try
you'll always be the diamond of my life.

And every smile I see cuts life a knife.
Each warm laugh causes endless strife,
But never would I wish for a bad thing to you.
May your eyes always glisten like a jewel.

And just like that memory fades
And I'm ripped back to our current days
Where your with him, and not with me,
And I sit without a glimmer of glee.

Wishing again that I weren't alone.
Wanting some one to make me belong.
All I hear is the same sad radio song,
and I sit here alone at our duckie pond.

The End

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