Time Of My Life

It’s mostly unpredictable

But in the end if only if it’s right

I’ll say it was worth every while

Don’t be ashamed; never hold your tongue

You stole my every breath

But I stole some of yours

If it’s what you want I’m not stopping you

Time directs us to where ever options are open

Don’t hesitate when you come across a fork in the road

You’re never going to mess up

I say these as not my last words to you

I know you know we don’t want this to be a goodbye

I knew sooner or later we’ll have to let go

But I hope the while for you was the same for me

The best time of my life

Who knows maybe time will have a twist or turn for us

Nothing but encouragement for you and only you

It’s almost unpredictable

But this time it was right

I wish the while for you was the same for me

The absolute time of my life

The End

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