Time Is Of The Essence

Do me a favour, and tell me what this poem is supposed to mean, please....

Time is of the essence

Blood-black tar
Oozes from my festering wounds
Remove my shackles, I will not flee
Relieve my burden, I cannot breathe
We mumble some static-filled insults

Time is of the essence

A bone for the master's little pet
A thin film of nothingness,
Protects my cobweb-covered heart
My limbs can travel, but refuse to move

Time is of the essence

Bury me, here in the grit and dirt
Bury my body, bury my soul
Bury my heart and my thoughts,
But my memories shall remain with me
The sun shines bright, but everything seems dark
I disintegrate

Time is of the essence.

The End

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