Time is a thing that xists in the world,
with thought and a mind of its own,
taking the time that is owed by others,
and giving it to those that care,
this thing changed with the chemical thing,
when we began to live longer than we should,
it wouldnt mind if it was just an evolution,
to it it couldnt care,
but with science we do it,
it that is the thing that Hurts,
we force things to go our way,
just forcing a path,
through the time,
never caring of the world.

This hurt the time, it liked the earth,
taking the time when it was owed,
but it never gave it,
not any more,
it just left that alone,
but one man had changed this,
he put it right,
in the future and past,
whereever he was neaded,
he was there,
giving it back to the world.

He changed the life that wend on in the world,
giving when others would take,
he gave time a reason to think,
just to pause in his step.
This is the man that has canged the world,
in the past and the future Mabe.
he just helped out now and again,
now can you guess.

Who he is.  

The End

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