Crystalline structures of channeled vigor compose the foundation, the basis of a lifetime of continued creativity.  

Precision and accuracy hone each structure’s mystical (and mythical) bonds further fabricating a more elusive idiomatic webwork.  

Moving forward through the timeless ontological procession, the Figure examines the laws that bind us to the bodies we embody.

The Figure kneels.

The Figure scrutinizes the liquid structures of an Ocean…

Each teardrop circumscribes the collective compunctions of our bodies and embodiments.

The Figure thinks.

A rock forms….and descends.

Ripples beget another procession.

Liquid oscillations batter the roots of a sapling….both nourishing and bereaving.

The Figure takes note.

The Figure moves on...

yet the Figure has no shadow.


Written on 9/19/13.

The End

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