Till I'm Free





I’m everything they said I was
The very things they hate
And they tried so hard to see me fail
Fall apart and break
But how can you break what’s already broken
Beaten, battered and frail?

Nothing to say, nobody to fix
Now that my mother’s gone,
Left me too quick;

She left me alone, a bottle of pink pills
Pretty and colourful
Can cure all ills
And that’s what she wanted, I’m told to believe
She’d swallowed six for her pain to relieve
But they’d only told her three;

And there she laid -eyes closed on her bed
The doctors lied, told me she’d fallen- bumped her head
To protect me I assume,
From horrors withheld
But they don’t know how long this way I’ve felt;

If only I was as brave as she
Strong enough to leave, to protect me
From the monsters in her life, her brutal past
She’d tell me, I remember
When her last drink had passed
And then she’d tell me not to be afraid
Because this day would come
She’d have to go back home- where she’s from

But I wouldn’t be alone
Not for long
The vultures eye their prey, sing their song
And I know it’s time- the time has come for me
My end appears in the pretty pink pills three,
And then some more- but just enough to set me free

The End

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