Till Death do us apart !

We both are destined to be together 

All evil in this world shall try

Try to tear us 

And to make us cry 


The only thing you’ve got to remember 

That this love’s in our head

In our hearts and amongst us 


None other than the two of us has imbibed it 

And the same way you shall see 

That no other than us 

Can take it off us 


Though our ways to express are asame 

All I know is love ain't no game 

We are stuck in it together baby

I just want to make it forever!


You may say that things do change

So do situations and so do feelings


They alter and expand

I too believe

But with no free will of theirs

It’s us who’s got the key 

And it’s us who can bring it to an end 


Girl! We are so used to each other 

So used to this clawing and brawling

So used to the love that comes at the end

So used to the feelings that have got no end


All we can do is,

Stay into this 

Stay into this together


Hoping for it to go on

To go on, now and forever

The End

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