I Am Sorry

Champagne glass shattered on the floor

A celebration turned sour

It’s the end of the road

Our days are numbered

Those carefree seconds when we’re seventeen


We should’ve known

We should’ve understand

We should’ve sealed our lips against

Those words, those images you so hated

Yet we didn’t

And we can’t go back to erase it all

No matter how much

We need to


The boundary’s blurry, it’s hard to see

It’s hard to tell the end of the line

A moment was all it took

Yet we are desperate for another moment

Another chance to make it up to you


Intoxicated by euphoria

Oblivious to other things

But whatever goes up comes down

Your silent cry the loudest scream

My brittle heart a million shards

And still I don’t know how

To say those three words


It’s gone too far

It’s all our fault

It’s all the things that shouldn’t be brought up

Those words, those images you so hated

And we admit it’s true

But what can we do to convince you

That we need your acceptance

That we need your lovely presence

In our lives?


So please pick up the phone

Tell me you care

Please listen to me as I beg on my knees

For you to remember all the moments we’ve shared

And the countless golden moments

That are yet to be


The beautiful thing that we have

Shouldn’t be chipped by something like this

It’s just a bump, it’s not the end

And it’s all in your hands

So please


Accept my apology and my love


Intoxicated by euphoria

Blind to all that surrounds me

I’ve climbed so high, now for the greatest fall

Your looming absence the biggest hole

The words I’ve said come back to haunt me

And still I don’t know how

To say

I am sorry

The End

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