What's Forever For?

Ten little numbers straight in a row

Printed beneath your name


You told me that it meant beloved

And that you wanted to

Be loved by me


It could be paradise

You whispered in my ear

As you wrote down those five letters

David – beloved

He who wanted to

Be loved


And you said

We can build a Lego house

Brick upon brick

Of dream and hope

And I know I will

Break it down when you’re not around

And stack it back up again


Your eyes made of fairy dust

That shine taking me back to

Childhood, better times

When I am invincible

And angels do fly


In this fortress of tangled sheets

Your body the walls keeping me

Safe and sound

Your honeyed breath

Whispering wishes

Hold me tight, take me away

To where I’m that fairytale princess

Living my happily ever after


We needn’t ever try

For the beloved was meant to be loved

So wrap your fingers around my heart

And hold me here

For I know I will disappear

When the morning light comes

But tell me, dear

If we have this one moment

Then what’s forever for?

The End

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