Dancing Flames

It seemed like my ideals

Grew up along with me

As I walked through the endless field

That is my journey through life


The grass was greener

Not on the other side

But in front of me, thousands

Of hopes and dreams

Budding like spring’s first bloom

To be grown, to know more

To be respected

To be a somebody that is all my own

To not be just a child


The grass is still greener

Not on the other side, but in front

Although now I walk backwards

Facing the past and my bundled

Hopes and dreams, abandoned and dusty

To be small again, to be clueless

To be loved and pardoned and given second chances

To belong to somebody

Tucked neatly in their arms

Cuddling close to their heart

And be that child again


I shall never be satisfied

I shall never yield

This desire to be someone else

To be granted an escape

From myself


Children are wise, much wiser

Than what they’re given credit for

Their visions cleared, unprejudiced

Innocent, pure, just, human

If only the world is run by

The young, the fair, the moral

Then wars would not be,

And wishes would never be needed

To be pinned upon a star


Eighteen little lights, dancing mockingly

Chocolate icing announcing my fall

Out of favour, out of childhood


Reflected lights shown expectations

As they waited for me to

Breathe, for the last time

The innocent breath of a child

Dwindling flame then darkness

Marking the moment I tumbled

From the edge of heaven

The End

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