Bubbling sugar on my lips

The taste of eternity that we shared

Gulping my share of this liquid sex

Like mouthfuls of champagne

Crazy teenager, I sculled down your touch

Fake champagne, cheap love, intangible

Carbon dioxide burning my throat

Filling me, for moments, seconds

With insubstantial



Saccharine residue of reigning passion

Unthinking, not caring for any but this

Watermelon flavoured cruisers empty

Lined up like the shards of our souls

Ready for execution

Like tenpin bowling, only with dozens

Of bottle-green glass, internal void

I’ve filled myself with

Narcotized tranquillity

Waiting for your advancing touch

To knock me


And out


Your eyes misty blue like

Your cigarette smoke

Your mouth the deep red

Of my father’s ransacked wine cellar

Your hair, golden, oh so light

Like the foam atop the last beer

In my love casket


Thirty bottles sitting on the wall

Thirty bottles rolling at our feet

Dizzy, lost, empty, void

Giving all they had

And yet it was still not enough


Broken glass and broken reflections

Your veiled eyes cracked on bottle-green

My pale chest jagged under the low light

Shattered heart reflected on

Shattered lives


It shined, in my unseeing eyes

Like the last whispers of childhood

Powdered glass and fairy dust

The things most magical rendered



Drowned, drugged, amidst

Broken glass

Your arms pinning me down

Under your love, to the ground

Keeping me from taking flight

With my narcotized


The End

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