Torn Flag

Just a torn flag

Waving in the winds of the forgotten

Fighting, head held high,

For a cause that no longer existed

Trudging, armed with pride and age

Hoping desperately that I am like wine

Stronger, better, fuller

With each year that passed me by


For you, only for you

This fight to death

Spanning years, decades

The better part of my century

For the boy, the man, the now

Elder that I loved

Love and will love

For the fists wielding the power

To reduce me to



For me, to be honest

This is only for me

My patience’s now long past its use-by date

And I’d love to see

Your happiness fall


Like the metallic clang of

The engagement ring

You left at my feet all those years ago


The eternity without you faded

My spirit, and the youth that once

Captured your heart


I have nothing else to offer

In this moment in time

But the internal tangle that existed

Ever since I knew you


Would your little carbon copy

Have been more like me

Her jaw set like mine when angered

Her eyes a shade of Irish green?

Would it have been

If not for my words

And for her supposedly coincidental



You told me once that

Love is the one thing

That humanity should cling to

No matter what

And cling I did, fingernails clawing

Into the evaporating past

Hoping that one day

You’ll see me and say

“I am proud of you and

I need you in my life”


Do you hear the bugles call?

The drumming beats of my withering heart?

My hair, shorn and silver

Remnants of a torn flag

Once embroidered

With glory

The End

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