You were my walking encyclopaedia

Lightning-speed answers to why’s and how’s

Questions shooting like fireworks

From the mouth of a child

To the man she thought

Knew better


You were my hot chocolate

On a cold and rainy day

A favourite child’s favourite thing

Sheltered behind the bars

Of your great arms as we watched

The world drifting by



Did you know my biggest wish

Was to grow up to be you?

No more, no less

Just the perfect father, the perfect man

Even though I am your daughter

And so that is quite

An impossibility


But I outgrew the encyclopaedia

Swapped hot chocolate for steaming coffee

Wrapped my wishes beneath quilts

Of childhood, worn, dusty, forgotten

And you were left behind in that world

Comforting, warm and loving

Yet pinned tightly by old-fashioned ideals

That clashed against my world

The world without you


What used to be sinful, now redeemed

The immoral turned casual

The rigid ties of tradition loosened

As the twenty first century rolled around


Unknowing words, you’re illiterate

In the etiquette of the new age

Spider-web bondage severed

When you told me the devil

Possessed my soul


The hero of my childhood

I wish you’d accept the truth

Stark reality’s not so harsh

If viewed from a different light

Please, daddy dearest

Won’t you just listen to me

Like you used to when I was



The End

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