Taste Like Regret

Your curling hair plastered with blame

Your smiling lips dragged down

By pain, by questions

Of what if’s, what could’ve been


And you said

You should’ve done it

Done something differently

Stood up, spoke out, raised your voice

Be a catalyst, a helping hand

In this time of change


And you wished

That the past would never be

If only the story of our lives

Are written in graphite

And your wishes pinned on the evening star

Could erase it all


But sweetheart, it goes on

Life goes on and we go on

Trudging through, walking through

So at parts we could glide through

Into the perfectly imagined future


Just for this hour, this minute, this second

Savour the gift that is now

The magical moment when stars collided

A blast of fireworks

In our hearts


Just a fallen hurdle, it’ll make us stronger

Darling, it’s not the end yet

But in my arms tonight

Your lips taste like regret

The End

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