Flawless sheets, tangled heart

I’m alone tonight yet again

Your side of the bed empty

The blanket smoothed, the pillow plumped

As though you never existed


The lights are low, yellowing

Casting shadows of my dreams

Casting mirages

Of our love and what used to be

Of what was and never will


I remember nights of tangled sheets

Tangled limbs and intertwined souls

Your lips fuelling

The furnace of my desires


I remember your mascara-stained lips

Black orchids blooming on your mouth

From searching for me

And taking me from the darkness


I remember pleasurable pain

The residue of the nights bruising my days

Shadows of roses graced the arch

Of my neck, purple and pink


What happened since those simple days?

Which part of the road did you leave me behind?

Since when did I lose my grasp

Of you, of us, of me?


You told me forever,

In sickness and in health,

You promised me your wholehearted love

Of an eternity of tangled nights again


Ambition, success

You’ve been drugged with yourself

Of having to climb, higher into nothingness

And leaving me stranded on the ground


Another trip, another week

Of absence, of void, of loneliness

This jewel-studded ring on my cold hand

Is screaming out for some happiness


I don’t want to wear

Your love on my finger

Blazing diamonds, a condensed heart

Shrivelled nothingness


I want to wear your love

In the windows of my soul

Memories of each touch, each kiss

Shining me with internal light

So please, please

Come back to me

The End

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