To Heaven

Black words, white page

The shocking news of the day

Another’s gone in an empty haze

To somewhere better, somewhere worse

Who can say


Glossy photos, life’s memoir

A thousand songs in our repertoire

A million prayers up and soared

For someone we thought we knew, a stranger

What is all this for?


Drugs, suicide, alcohol,

They brought it down on their own souls

Yet still in death they stand tall

And forgotten icons are lit

Once again


We cry for the Hollywood stars

We weep for the famous gone astray

Rushing off to snag a piece

Of memorabilia, right on the cue

Made by the media


But we don’t weep for the ones

Who laid down on foreign lands

Hands on heart, fighting til the last

Our unknown warriors

Our countrymen


And we don’t cry for the billion souls

Who closed their eyes in poverty

Men and women, skin and bones

And the children whose lives

Ended before they even begin


Why do we mourn for the sinners so

And not spare a tear

Or a last wave farewell

To send the innocents to heaven?

The End

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