The Shadow

A mere shadow

Curling residue of the sun’s touch

Opaquely transparent, a strange mix

Yet larger than life

An observer, silent on the sides


It’s who we are

And what we’ve done

The invisible records of

Our marred existence

A constant, a constant reminder

That the world will never

Get lighter


Under the kiss of the blazing light

Lurking, whispering of worse times

That have come, that are here

That will return to haunt us forever


Not a step behind, nor a step in front

Treading lightly on our hopes and dreams

Crushing it all beneath their

Invisible touches

Because that’s the way

The cookie crumbles


Do those shadows slide away

In the darkness?

Or do we simply become blind

When the light’s withdrawn

So we no longer see

The shadow, our other identity


The End

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