Greyscale World

Rushing by, blindfolded

Braving loneliness in the cold

Reaching out, holding in

Self-defence, fences built

Keeping out the piling guilt

Forever caught in a sleepless daze


Nothing I do is enough

The further I run from the start

The lonelier, the more apart

I feel


One step forward, a million back

It’s like choking on snowflakes

Delicate paper cuts, wounding me

From inside-out


Yet standing here, isolated

No one near me in the crowd

Just another figure to be dismissed

By the faceless mannequins under their

Black umbrellas


It’s storming, hailing, snowing

Fluttering despair going by

Drowning me in an invisible river

Of self, just self

No others


They said diamonds and pearls

Are the best friends for a girl

But I need more to satisfy

This gaping hole

Screaming  for



Will you leave some love

Amidst those diamonds and pearls

Will you give me a smile

Just a simple smile

In this greyscale world?

The End

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