Blue Porcelain

We were young, just seventeen

Eager to step out into the midst

Of it all, everything

To live our lives the way we envisioned

It ever since grade school


We knew it all, that’s what we thought

The mysteries of life suddenly unlocked

In that one magical moment

When we were seventeen


Shoulder to shoulder we walked through

The final year to a lifetime of schooling

We counted days, minutes, seconds

Til we could walk on our own


I remember those summer days

The dying sun marking our last return

Sitting cross-legged in the grass

Sharing stories


I remember those autumn days

Lying beneath the sky and watching leaves fall

Then sneaking inside to hide

When the rain came down


I remember those winter days

Doubly cold and tiring

For exams have neared, the time we feared

And the end was nigh


With spring came teary farewells

As we walked out beneath outstretched arms

Leaving parts of ourselves

Behind us


And through it all were our cups of teas

Energy to get through the day

We abused our privileges

Of a common room


You all told me I was addicted

Rarely seen without the sheen

Of herb-tinted steam shielding

My eyes


And tonight, when I’m alone

Blue fingers cupping blue porcelain

Tracing invisible cracks

Back to those days

When the frost of time had not touched

Our hair; youthful hair of seventeen

I suddenly want to tell you all

How much you mean to me

The End

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