Intricate Threads

Of six sweet summers

You are my joy

My sunlight through ancient webs

My little boy, my pride


Your laughter, the very sound of an embrace,

Bubbles and expands from your rosebud lips

Reaching its fingers through me

Through my soul

Reverberating in the empty chambers of my heart


Your eyes, so clear and pure

Like the finest dewdrops glittering in the morn,

Oh, those eyes, so blue, so wide

So unprepared for what’s to come


Of those six short summers,

I couldn’t face you and say

Those words, inevitable destiny

I wanted to just preserve today


Oh the tangled webs I weaved

Around your innocent soul

Silver threads, my best, my everything

Cocooning you from the soon-to-be blow


Intricate silk, all intertwined

A thousand lies woven as one

A net, a blanket shielding you from

The harsh truth

The stark reality

The lonely future that awaits


This raging war within me

Had brought out my white flag

Its poisoned touch seeping through me

Like the dark legs of

A regretful spider

Surrendering to the cruelty of time


My little spider,

I bid you a slow farewell

For I know, like those who came before knew

That the owners of these webs

Of lies and protection

Are always orphaned

But never without love.

The End

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