Asylum in the Rain

You found your way yesterday

And ended up on my porch

Rung the doorbell, hot tears scorching

Your face as I hurried out.


My mother would’ve called it

An ungodly hour of the night

But I didn’t care

You were there, a soaking reality before me

And no other time felt so right


I couldn’t recall what you said first

Was it ‘hello’? Was it my name?

But I know that your lips were blue

Your shirt glued to your body

By that grey pounding rain


You left behind sopping wet prints

Of misery as you trailed behind me

To my sanctuary, then your asylum too

And sat like a frozen statue

As I wrapped my arms around you


Your mascara ran without your notice

Down crazy paths on the plane

Of your beautiful face

Poisoned stains blackening

Your cheeks


You said

You didn’t fit, you weren’t right

He told you that you weren’t the one

Just another fling for another flighty boy

Cloaking you with hollowness

Instead of the perfect fit

Of the other half of the puzzle piece


You said

You were a fool that night last month

He trampled on your heart

You didn’t share the hurt with me

Because you didn’t want any pity

You didn’t want to relive it

His kiss and run


But you could not hide any longer

Your misty eyes heavy with sadness

As you shield your face behind

The blue curls of cigarette smoke

And told me

That it didn’t come this month


A kiss had appeared on the dreaded screen

A rotated kiss

You’ve cleared the drug store of all the kits

But still the same appear

That little cross

Crucifying your future


Behind the haze of cigarette smoke

You cried as you said the words aloud

They hung there, beside the poisoned wisps

Mystifying, yet stark reality


Into the rain, into the dark

I pulled your broken-hearted shell

To hide our grief

To wash away

The sorrows and sins of our lives


We used to dance barefoot in the rain

Our faces upturned, bright with gladness

But yesterday when you found me

We waltzed through it all in our broken heels

And you leaned down on my shoulder

All the while Mother Nature cried

The End

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