Salt in your hair, on your mouth

Salt in opaque trails down your cheeks

The salt-rich waves of freedom lapping

The salt-rich air of life caressing

Adding flavours to those faded memories


You dance, your head high

Feet swaying to the rhythm of your lilting voice

A melody overflowing with the vigour of youth

Streaming from thin lips, lined face

Pouring from eyes long adorned with crow’s feet

A contradiction, if there ever was one


Those feet of yours, sketching in the sand

Aching with the years in confinement

Finally free

Stepping over broken boundaries

Your poor soul’s fellow escapist


Those once thick locks, cascading through your life

Have left behind markers on this long journey

Thinned and greyed, a seawoman weathered

Yet standing strong, evading the white of surrender

For you are anything but through

With your battle


You’ve been here the years before

Leaving behind the wavering steps of a child

The angry stomps of a half-grown woman

The broken hearts and salty tears

The moments that slipped through your hands

Like gold dust through a sieve


You’ve been here the years before

Building castles, a fortress for your heart

Never seeing the waves tearing them down


You used to waltz across the beach

In the arms of the one who got away

You used to kiss him under the moonlight

Caught between Hurt and scraping sand


And now you dance, your hair the colour

Of the ocean on the stormiest day

Under the moonlight, those dents

Your footprints in the sand, your beautiful message

Shone like Braille on the flip side


You want them to know of the untold story

Of the memories in this forgotten place

You want to dance your final message

To be washed away with the sand


The End

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