Forever a girl that they thought they knew off

From the moment I open my mouth

Predictable, a constant force

Ever-shining sun behind those clouds


I was there, I was always there

Of course, where else would I be?

I was her, I was the one they all saw

The goody-two-shoes who was supposedly me


That flooding need to escape

Shrugging off my identity for exchange

Sometimes a difference was all I wanted

Unpredictable like sunshine through the rain


I want to dance out in the dark

Clad in flimsy gauzes of fairy-tales

I want to leave myself behind

Start an adventure across the sea and set sails


I want to scream, to rage, to shout

To do things no one expected of me

I want to swear, to drink, to drive

Be someone I would never be


I want to be that girl you dreamed of

Mysterious, alluring, sizzling with desire

I want to be the one you wanted

The mystifying presence that sets you on fire


I want you just to glance my way

And keep your eyes there, forever and always

I want to change, to lie to myself

If only it would cause you to say

“I love you.”

The End

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